ScotGrass 2016

Wednesday 18th May, Chrichton, Dumfries

Join CLAAS at Scotgrass!

ScotGrass 2016

Wednesday 18th May, Chrichton, Dumfries

Join CLAAS at Scotgrass!

Something for everyone on the CLAAS plot at ScotGrass.

The three yearly Scotgrass Event is set to take place on Wednesday 18th May. Join us for this exciting working demonstration showcase for green harvest kit from CLAAS and other leading manufacturers. We look forward to seeing you there.

Visit us at Scotgrass -  18th of May 2016 from 10am - 5pm.

The CLAAS demonstration plot is always a major draw at ScotGrass, and at this year’s event on May 18th CLAAS will have on display Green Harvest machinery suitable for everyone, from those just looking to mow30 acres to those harvesting 1,000’s of acres.

Maximising home grown forage and keeping harvesting costs to a minimum are key helping reduce production costs. Right across the Green Harvest range, unique CLAAS technology such as the MAX CUT disc bed, the MAX SPREAD angled tedder tine and DYNAMIC POWER on the JAGUAR forager range, is leading the way in enabling greater efficiency, higher productivity and most importantly lower running costs.

DISCO disc mowers
DISCO 210 , DISCO 3150C and DISCO 9200C


Three mowers from the extensive CLAAS range will be on display. For farmers looking to mow their own grass, there will be the smaller 2.10m wide DISCO 210 or the new DISCO 3150C, which features the new MAX CUT mower bed for an optimum cut, but also allows the mower to be ran using a reduced engine speed in lighter crops to save fuel. For larger acreages, also running will be the 8.9m wide DISCO 9200C triple mower.

VOLTO tedders
A wider spread.


Representing the VOLTO tedder range will be the 6-rotor VOLTO 800. This features the unique VOLTO MAX SPREAD concept that uses angled tines instead of straight tines in order to achieve a higher flow rate through the tedder and a wider, more even spread.

Runs like clockwork.

Compact LINER 3600

Raking up will be the 2-rotor LINER 2800 and the 4-rotor LINER 3600, which was launched last year and replaces the LINER 3500.

Neues Dokument
The only choice.

Crowd pulling JAGUARs

The CLAAS JAGUAR always attracts a big crowd at grassland events and at ScotGrass there will be both a JAGUAR 950 and JAGUAR 840 working.

Dual-purpose wagons

CARGOS – a new concept in forage wagons

On display for the first time at ScotGrass will be the new CARGOS 8000, which is a dual purpose forage wagon designed so that when it is not being used for harvesting silage, the chopping unit can be quickly removed and a blanking plate inserted, so that it can be used as a trailer.

AXION 870-800
Speaks for itself.


Among the full range of CLAAS tractors on display will be the latest addition to the AXION 800 tractor range – the AXION 870.

ATOS 300/200
ATOS 200 and 300

ATOS 200 and 300

Now fully available in the UK and Ireland, on display at LAMMA will be models from both the ATOS 200 and 300 ranges.