XERION 5000-4000

We believe that size is everything, provided that it can also do everything.

CLAAS Tractors | XERION 5000-4000. The benefits.

  • Continuously variable transmission over 500 hp
  • Efficient, high-performance drive train
  • Four equal-sized tyres up to 2.16 m in diameter (710 and 900 series) for perfect traction
  • Large range of options for optimum customer-specific use, including the rotating cab
  • Full output potential at low engine speeds
XERION 5000-4000
XERION 5000-4000

XERION Product Tour app - Now available for the iPad in the App Store.

The Product Tour app takes you on a virtual walkaround of the XERION. Discover the XERION from every angle and take in a 360° operator's-eye view from the cab.

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  1. Mercedes-Benz OM 471 LA engine (XERION 5000 / 4500), max. 530/490 hp; OM 470 LA (XERION 4000), max. 435 hp (in accordance with ECE R 120)
  2. One-piece bonnet
  3. Hydraulic reversible fan
  4. XERION 5000 / 4500: 930 l fuel tank, 90 l urea tank; XERION 4000: 740 l fuel tank, optional 190 l auxiliary tank; 90 l urea tank
  5. Bolted full frame
  6. Wheelbase 3,600 mm with tyre diameters up to 2,160 mm
  7. Up to six connections at the rear, option of 90 kW power hydraulics
  8. Rated output available at the PTO, 1,000 PTO rpm at 1,730 engine rpm
  9. Front linkage with height and depth control
  10. Ergonomic armrest and CMOTION multifunction control lever
  11. Semi-active cab suspension (three settings available)
Key engine data at a glanceCylindersCubic capacityNominal engine speedRated output (ECE R 120)Max. output (ECE R 120)Max. torque
XERION 5000 TRAC; XERION 5000 TRAC VC612.8 l1900 rpm382 kW/520 hp390 kW/530 hp at 1700 rpm2450 Nm at 1300 rpm
XERION 4500 TRAC; XERION 4500 TRAC VC612.8 l1900 rpm352 kW/479 hp7360 kW/490 hp at 1700 rpm2300 Nm at 1300 rpm
XERION 4000 TRAC; XERION 4000 TRAC VC; XERION 4000 SADDLE TRAC610.6 l1900 rpm308 kW/419 hp320 kW/435 hp at 1700 rpm2100 Nm at 1300 rpm