The knife grinder

For almost all baler and loading wagon manufacturers: AQUA NON STOP COMFORT, the fully automatic knife grinder. Whatever it takes.

Sharpen knives fully automatically to ensure top forage quality.

AQUA NON STOP COMFORT leaves you time for important tasks. The fully automatic unit gets on with sharpening your knives, leaving you free to concentrate on other work. With a magazine of up to 51 knives, for example, you can insert the entire knife set of a baler (CLAAS QUADRANT FC) in one go.

There are over 70 templates available for exact grinding along the contour of knives from virtually every manufacturer, and you can even sharpen straight knife blades as well.

The potential savings for you

  • Lower fuel consumption, thanks to constantly sharp knives
  • Reduced knife wear through longer service life of knives
  • The load on the entire drive train is reduced by optimally ground knives
  • Higher throughput and greater area output

The benefits for you

  • Flexible use, thanks to the ability to convert to different knife types
  • Wet grinding with cooling lubricant emulsion ensures perfect heat dissipation and protection against corrosion
  • Sharpening for a full set of knives is carried out fully automatically