365FarmNet – your digital farming partner.

365FarmNet allows you to manage your business across multiple manufacturers and farming inputs, from home or on a mobile device – and the basic version is free!

365FarmNet – your digital farming partner.

365FarmNet allows you to manage your business across multiple manufacturers and farming inputs, from home or on a mobile device – and the basic version is free!


With this open platform and its ultra-flexible functionality, we can help you get some real benefits for your business – less time in the office, more time out on the farm.

Just sign up on the portal or download the apps, and you're ready to go – no payment required.

You can capture your work data on a mobile device, and then plan and analyse your tasks on a desktop.

Efficient processes leave more time for you to get out on the farm!

The basic version for entering the world of digital farming.

Sign up for free, and start using the software straight away

  • Field mapping
  • General inventory management
  • Farm-specific basic weather information
  • Graphic farm map
  • Fertiliser requirement determination
  • Interactive full-year calendar
  • Full documentation function
  • Cross compliance documentation for pesticides and greening
  • Aerial photos of your fields
  • Both apps (365Crop and 365Cattle)

Individually tailored to your needs.

365FarmNet uses a partner model, enabling you to manage equipment from multiple manufacturers with just one piece of software.

365FarmNet interfaces with the smart apps of providers across many different farming inputs – from machine manufacturers and producers of fertiliser and crop sprays to manufacturers of technical equipment used for animal production.

One of these interfaces is provided by CLAAS. A module structure is used to integrate intelligent solutions in the software.

CLAAS Crop View in 365FarmNet

CLAAS Crop View in 365FarmNet provides satellite photographs for farmers, for easy entry into the world of precision farming. Satellite images are the ideal resource for more precise management of your farming operations. Crop View provides a clearly laid-out display of your fields and the vegetation situation in each location, as the basis for creating application maps. Fields are easily filtered by crop, and vegetation differences within fields can be seen at a glance. Crop View therefore offers you a simple and practical decision-making resource based on regularly updated and historical satellite images, without any need to become an IT expert. This enables you to make informed decisions and to plan your processes accordingly.

TELEMATICS and TELEMATICS field data synchonrisation in 365FarmNet.

With the TELEMATICS and TELEMATICS field data synchronisation modules, you can keep an eye on the activities of your TELEMATICS machines directly in 365FarmNet, from any location. Key real-time data and machine movement routes can be displayed directly on the farm map. Yield maps and wheel tracks are transferred into the programme live. The TELEMATICS field data synchronisation module simplifies use of the CLAAS Telematics module in combination with automatic documentation through the compilation and transfer of field master data from 365FarmNet. A current TELEMATICS licence is required.

Soil sampling in 365FarmNet.

Soil samples can be displayed immediately on the farm map. This service is provided with our partner CLAAS Landsberg. Soil samples are delivered directly in 365FarmNet, saving time and effort. Contact your EASY expert for further information.

Field route optimisation in 365FarmNet.

With the CLAAS route optimisation module in 365FarmNet, you can design the optimum vehicle tracks for working your fields.

With a minimum of core data, such as working width, headland and speed, the time and route length can be calculated automatically for each task, and the optimal AB line established. This makes life easier for the farmer, and also optimises working time and resources.

The 365FarmNet apps for iOS and Android enable you to document and schedule your work locations – in the barn or out the fields. Wherever you are, you can have the farm there with you on your smartphone or tablet. You can even record your tasks without internet access.