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Press release

Higher torque for powerful XERION

For 2020, the high powered XERION tractor range benefits from a move to engines that meet the Stage 5 emissions standards, with an additional new model and adoption of the CEBIS touch screen terminal.

The unique design of the CLAAS XERION and its highly efficient transfer of power to the four equal sized wheels that provide maximum contact area to enable exceptional levels of grip, minimal wheel slip and reduced compaction, make this the ideal high horsepower cultivations tractor.

Following the adoption of the latest Stage 5 emission standard Mercedes-Benz engines a new model, the XERION 4200 has been introduced in place of the current XERION 4000. Developing 462hp compared to 435hp for the outgoing model, as before the XERION 4200 with be available in the fixed cab TRAC version, or the TRAC VC with the rotating cab and the specialist SADDLE TRAC with a front positioned cab.

While power outputs for the more powerful XERION 4500 and XERION 5000 remain the same at 490hp and 530hp respectively, peak torque across all three models has been increased. On the XERION 4200, peak torque is 2200Nm, rising to 2400Nm on the XERION 4500 (up 100Nm) and 2600Nm on the XERION 5000 (up 150Nm).

Operators will also notice that the engine idling speed of these engines is also now lower, reduced to 730rpm from 800rpm, which will reduce both noise and fuel consumption when idling. The service interval has also now been increased from 500 hours up to 1000 hours.

To achieve Stage 5, the engine on the XERION uses a new emission system utilising a SCR catalyst in combination with a Diesel Oxidation Catalytic convertor (DOC) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). As before the after treatment system is all located under the right hand side of the cab, so avoiding having an external canister alongside the cab.

In the cab, the operator now has the option of a new premium leather seat that is both heated and ventilated. To the operator’s right hand side is a new armrest, which in line with the rest of the CLAAS tractor now includes the latest CEBIS touch screen terminal.

Via the CEBIS touch screen terminal, the operator now has easy access to the five different steering models on the XERION. In addition to using the DIRECT ACESS button on the armrest, by tapping on the appropriate part of the tractor image on the large 12 inch display, this will also bring up the relevant dialogue window for direct access to many functions, such as the engine, PTO or spool valve settings.

In addition to the touch screen, all the CEBIS functions can also be adjusted as before by means of the rotary/push switch and ESC button on the armrest. Up to three menu levels can be displayed alongside each other and in open windows, settings can be altered by means of either of a dial or a +/- slider.

Up to 20 different implements can be saved and directly accessed within CEBIS, which also includes a total of 10 different ‘F’ function buttons, which can be freely configured with a range of control functions, depending on operator preference.

As is also now standard with all CEBIS specification tractors, a number of cameras can also now be linked into the CEBIS screen. For greater safety, the camera can be set to automatically appear of the screen when reverse is engaged.