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Retrofit terminals

The perfect choice, always.

Retrofit terminals

The perfect choice, always.

S10 terminal.

Steering systems

The terminal that meets the toughest demands.

The S10 is a CLAAS terminal for professional users. It has a large, high-resolution 10.4" touchscreen and features an extensive range of functions. With the S10 you can operate the steering system while at the same time controlling ISOBUS-enabled implements and connecting up to four analogue cameras, such as the CLAAS PROFI CAM. It also includes comprehensive reference line management and SECTION VIEW.

1 | Highly versatile.

The S10 has a USB interface for data management and fast data exchange with the AGROCOM NET and AGROCOM MAP data packages. Further additional functions and applications, such as the various correction signals and AUTO TURN, are quickly and easily activated by means of an activation code without having to update the software. Initially you may prefer to use only a small number of the many S10 functions, but you can quickly and easily access additional functions in the future by entering an activation code. The hardware is already prepared for this. What's more, the S10 has a dual-frequency receiver for a wide range of correction signals integrated into the terminal housing so there is no need to change the antenna when changing signal.

2 | Controlling implements via ISOBUS.

Running a number of functions with just one terminal is no problem for the S10! Because with the S10 you can operate any ISOBUS-enabled implements which meet the ISO 11783 standard at the same time as the automatic steering system thanks to standard ISO UT and ISO AUX functionality. The associated screens are displayed in separate menu windows which can be enlarged, shrunk and moved around anywhere on the screen. The menu interface is designed to optimise operation with the right hand. Using the S10 terminal to control a number of functions means that you need fewer mobile terminals and can therefore reduce clutter in the cab.


No more unwanted overlapping when spraying. SECTION VIEW displays the sections that need to be switched off. The width of up to 16 sections can be freely defined, depending on your implement. The degree of overlap to be applied can also be adjusted via the S10 terminal.


  • Sections to be switched on or off are displayed
  • No unnecessary overlapping or untreated areas
  • Cost savings

Turn in one go.

Steering systems
Steering systems

S10 with AUTO TURN.

The AUTO TURN automatic headland steering system makes turning considerably faster and more accurate than would be possible manually. The driver does not need to steer – AUTO TURN turns the machine at the headland in one go and guides it precisely into the next pass. This function is built into the S10 terminal at the factory and can be activated by means of a licence code. Significantly shorter turning times and accurate lining up for the next pass bring further significant improvements in work rates. Turning in one go – without having to manoeuvre – also helps to protect the soil and minimises crop damage when lining up in row crops. What's more, the driver's workload is reduced, enabling him to concentrate on the implement functions. The AUTO TURN function is activated by the boundary line or the worked headland.

Steering systems

If you are using machines with one or more cameras, the S10 offers the option of connecting up to four cameras, such as the CLAAS PROFI CAM or AUTO FILL camera, to the terminal. You can then view the individual application windows or camera windows on the touchscreen as required, and can also display one camera image in full screen mode or all four camera images simultaneously. Each camera window can be moved around on the main screen and positioned anywhere. The great advantage of this additional function is that you need fewer mobile terminals in the cab and save money, as there is no need to buy additional display or operating terminals.