JAGUAR 870-840

The chopping system.

Forward-looking, precise crop processing.

  • Consistent chop quality
  • Low diesel consumption
  • High throughput

JAGUAR 870-840

The chopping system.

Forward-looking, precise crop processing.

  • Consistent chop quality
  • Low diesel consumption
  • High throughput

Maximum throughput with low power consumption.

Straight and fast. The crop flow.

An optimal crop flow is a major factor in determining the daily output. The crop flows in a straight line through the entire machine without any awkward angles. It makes no difference whether you are harvesting grass without the Corncracker or are working in maize silage with it engaged. The crop is accelerated further at each step and is centred increasingly by the chevron arrangement of the knives and accelerator paddles. This results in maximum performance with minimum power consumption and makes for highly reliable operation. The JAGUAR demonstrates this time after time: with outstanding results – measured in terms of fuel consumption in litres per tonne.

Powerful and reliable.

The intake.

The intake roller drive in the JAGUAR is designed for extremely high performance. Six cutting lengths can be set as required. Robust compression rollers ensure an optimum crop flow. Additional wear bars reduce wear to the machine.

Precise and proven.

V-CLASSIC knife drum

Chevron-shaped knife layout.

The effectiveness of the 750 mm wide chopping cylinder in the JAGUAR is unique. The chevron-shaped knife arrangement produces a pull-through, guillotine cut with a minimum of effort. At the same time, the forage is guided towards the middle – this reduces wear and friction losses on the sides of the drum housing.

  • Robust design
  • Minimum power requirement
  • High throughput
  • Top chop quality
  • Excellent discharge



Demands on flexibility are growing. In addition to the proven INTENSIV CRACKER (M = medium roller diameter of 196 mm), CLAAS offers the flexible MULTI CROP CRACKER.

The key characteristics of the MCC are its rugged construction and its extremely well sealed housing. Its great advantage is its flexibility. The outstanding accessibility of the rollers allows them to be replaced by others quickly. The MCC system is available in two sizes: MCC CLASSIC M (M = Medium with a roller diameter of 196 mm) up to an engine output of 585 hp. And MCC CLASSIC L (L = Large with a roller diameter of 250 mm) which is also optionally available for the JAGUAR 870 with 585 hp.

Dynamic and exceptionally accessible.

The crop accelerator.

Acceleration the energy-saving way.

The accelerator is ideally positioned in the JAGUAR for optimum performance of its task of speeding up the crop flow and feeding the crop reliably. The chevron-shaped accelerator paddles centre the crop flow, thereby reducing the wear on the side walls of the discharge chute. As the crop flow does not have to negotiate any awkward angles, correspondingly little energy is required to move it.

For heavy crops, the clearance between the accelerator and the rear wall can be increased hydraulically by up to 10 mm. This results in a huge reduction in the amount of energy required. If, for example, very dry grass requires a high discharge rate, a very narrow clearance setting is required. This can even be set up in CEBIS while travelling and then applied automatically at the start of the chopping process.

High-quality silage.

Silage additive system.

The intelligent systems of the JAGUAR form the basis for excellent silage quality at the end of the process: with precisely dosed additives (0.5 l/t to 2 l/t (at 200 t/h)) from the 375-litre tank or highly concentrated ones from the new ACTISILER 37.

The dry matter content value determined by the near infrared sensor (NIR) serves as a reference for programming the length of cut and the additives.

The discharge spout. Modular design.

High strength and a low dead weight are the key characteristics of the discharge spout. The concentrated crop stream can be directed more reliably, minimising wasteful losses. The modular design enables the system to be rapidly adjusted to different working widths. Two extensions (M / L) allow operation up to a working width of 7.5 metres. The back of the discharge spout is entirely bolted: as a result, the top plates also function as wear plates.

OPTI FILL. Extremely user-friendly.

The OPTI FILL optimised spout control system makes management of the transfer process extremely easy. The wide swivel angle of up to 225° allows an optimal view of the transfer process. When the discharge spout is swivelled, the end flap is adjusted automatically so that the transfer process takes place parallel to the direction of travel. Two permanently programmed spout positions simplify the swivelling process at the end of the field, e.g. when chopping up and down along one edge of a field. Furthermore, the discharge spout can be returned to its parking position automatically at the touch of a button.

AUTO FILL. Right on target - now also to the rear.

AUTO FILL. Automatic filling of transport vehicles.

AUTO FILL is based on digital 3D image analysis. The system takes care of controlling the discharge spout for you.

NEW: AUTO FILL "Side Rear".

With the "Side Rear" AUTO FILL function, automated discharging from the forage harvester is now possible not only to the side but also to a trailer behind the forage harvester – perfect when starting chopping or dividing fields. In chopping start-up mode, you can easily choose whether you wish discharging to take place to the side or the rear. For automatic filling to the rear, only the desired impact point needs to be specified.