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CARGOS 8500-8300

Whether for use as a loading wagon in grass or as a forage transport wagon for maize, biomass or wood chips, the CARGOS is in demand all year round.

CARGOS 8500-8300

Whether for use as a loading wagon in grass or as a forage transport wagon for maize, biomass or wood chips, the CARGOS is in demand all year round.



Different options.

For maximum stability and manoeuvrability, the CARGOS models are fitted with a robust slimline drawbar with a wide locating element on the crossbar. The dual-purpose wagon is fitted as standard equipment with a bottom hitching device with a permitted drawbar load of 3.0 tonnes. For a higher permissible gross weight, the tandem models can be optionally equipped with a drawbar with a permitted load of 4.0 tonnes. In the tridem models, the permissible gross weight is always 4.0 tonnes.

Sprung drawbar.

For optimum comfort on the road or in the field, drawbar suspension with two accumulators is available as an option for the CARGOS 700. In the CARGOS 9000 and 8000 models, it is included as standard. All CARGOS models are fitted with large drawbar lift rams to ensure reliable lift under load, even when running over the silage clamp or at steep field entries and exits.

Tidy parking.

A sturdy sealed hose support with a secure horizontal holder keeps all hoses and plug-in connectors neatly stowed in their proper place. The drawbar has also an integrated height-adjustable stand.

Drive line.


Rotor drive

CARGOS machines are fitted with a double wide-angle drive shaft as standard. The machine is protected with a 1,800-Nm cam-type overload clutch in the CARGOS 8000, and a 2,000-Nm clutch in the CARGOS 9000, effectively protecting the drive components even at very high throughput rates. The drive shaft transfers the drive force to the generously dimensioned main gearbox, which is connected to the spur gear of the rotor via a curved-tooth coupling. The rotor gears run in an oil bath. This design greatly simplifies the hitching operation when removing or installing the loading assembly.


Discharge roller drive.

The discharge rollers are driven via a bevel gear with integrated clutch. Overload protection for the discharge rollers is provided by a cam-type overload clutch.


Firmly attached.

Depending on the market, the wagons are delivered with either a hitching ring or the low-wear Scharmüller K80 ball coupling.