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CARGOS 8500-8300

Whether for use as a loading wagon in grass or as a forage transport wagon for maize, biomass or wood chips, the CARGOS is in demand all year round.

CARGOS 8500-8300

Whether for use as a loading wagon in grass or as a forage transport wagon for maize, biomass or wood chips, the CARGOS is in demand all year round.

The CLAAS chassis.


The exclusive CLAAS chassis design is based on a modular bolted frame construction, which offers significant weight savings in comparison with conventional axle assemblies. A choice of mechanical suspension with parabolic springs or a hydraulically suspended chassis is available. Thanks to the modular design, some tandem axle models can have axle loads of 18 or 20 tonnes, or with tridem axles as much as 27 or 30 tonnes.

The brakes.

The CARGOS features generously dimensioned brakes for optimal operating safety in the field and on the road.

  • Chassis
    Tandem axle, 18 t,
    axle spacing 1525 mm
    Tandem axle, 20 t,
    axle spacing 1810 mm
    Tridem axle, 27 t,
    axle spacing 1525 mm
    Tridem axle, 30 t,
    axle spacing 1810 mm
    CARGOS 85001
    CARGOS 8400
    CARGOS 8300

    ●  standard      ○  optional      □  avaliable      –  not available

    Only applicable in combination with 30.5" tyres

  • Steering
    Passively steered rear tandem axlePassively steered rear tridem axleElectrohydraulic
    forced steering, tandem
    forced steering, tridem
    CARGOS 8500
    CARGOS 8400
    CARGOS 8300

    ●  standard      ○  optional      □  available      –  not available

Optimal tyres.

Individual tyre sizes.

Depending on the model and requirements, CARGOS can be equipped with a choice of tyre sizes to suit all operating conditions – 22.5", 26.5" or 30.5".

BKT 710/50 R 30.5

ALLIANCE 885 800/45 R 30.5

Maximum soil protection: 30.5".

A maximum-size contact area is easy on your wallet and on the soil: improved roll-off and roll-over behaviour with 30.5" tyres, for example, makes for extremely fuel-efficient loading operations and road travel.

Alliance I 380 750/45 R 26.5

The best of both worlds: 26.5".

Large-size 26.5" tyres ensure optimum trailing characteristics, especially on wet ground.

This large tyre size with a large contact area and easy roll-off behaviour provides an excellent solution when focusing on limiting wagon height.

Vredestein 710/40 R 22.5

A low centre of gravity and wide footprint: 22.5".

Smaller tyres provide a very low centre of gravity, giving maximum stability on slopes, especially in hilly terrain.

Alliance 128 HS 800/35-22.5