LINER 4000 / 3600

A success story.

A technology that began with an invention over 20 years ago has proven highly successful over the years and established itself as a supremely reliable partner in a powerful harvest process.

LINER 4000 / 3600

A success story.

A technology that began with an invention over 20 years ago has proven highly successful over the years and established itself as a supremely reliable partner in a powerful harvest process.

Four-rotor swathers

CLAAS introduced the very first four-rotor swather over 20 years ago and has developed it further ever since. Today's LINER 4000 and 3600 series represent the pinnacle of perfection for this miracle in efficacy.

CLAAS four-rotor swathers feature impressively compact transport dimensions and an extraordinarily well-organised, light construction. They can be controlled via a wide range of terminals, ISOBUS or the EASY on board app and incorporate powerful technology:

  • Innovative rotor frame with sophisticated cardan suspension – for flexible ground contour following of each and every rotor
  • Hermetically sealed, permanently lubricated rotor dome – for a long, maintenance-free service life
  • Predetermined bending point and patented PROFIX tine bar attachment – for rotor dome protection and speedy tine bar changes

Maximum area output, optimal ground contour following and superior forage quality – the LINER four-rotor swathers are absolutely unbeatable, not only because of their minimal power/weight ratio.

LINER swathers

LINER 4000 / 3600.

18 metres at a time.

The recipe for a faster return on higher upfront investment costs is to have the right combination of machines working for you. Larger working widths significantly reduce overlap between passes – which automatically boosts the productivity of your forage harvester or loading wagon.

18-to-12 mowing strategy with the DISCO 9200 C.

The conveyor units of the DISCO 9200 C AUTOSWATHER allow you to gather an 18.00-metre working width across a width of 12.00 metres before the mown crop is swathed with the LINER 3600. This strategy ensures that the swath contains 50% more grass for the downstream JAGUAR chopping process.

LINER swathers

Flexibility in the headland.

The benefits are self-evident:

  • Adjustable time sequence for raising and lowering the front and rear rotor pairs
  • Infinitely hydraulically adjustable lifting height at the headland for adaptation to a wide range of forage crops
  • Automatically folding swath guard for maximum ground clearance
LINER swathers

It couldn't be gentler.

The 4-rotor chassis with front-steered wheels and lateral leveling of the front axle as well as the 6-rotor chassis for the rear rotor pair, which is optionally available with the LINER 4000 and features additional tandem axles and friction-steered wheels, ensure optimal protection for soils.

  • Optimal ground contour following even at high working speeds for clean forage
  • Rotors suspended via strong spring sets
  • Pendulum suspension on the front rotor chassis for precise rotor control
  • Large-volume transport tyres 380/55-17, 500/50-20 or 620/40 R 22.5 f for maximum soil protection and optimal stability during transport

Available with different braking systems according to local regulations – hydraulic, air or without brakes.

LINER swathers

Comfortable to operate.

The LINER 4000 and 3600 feature a comfort hydraulic system as standard. Both models are controlled via the OPERATOR, COMMUNICATOR II, EASY on board app, S10 terminal or any other ISOBUS-compatible terminal. The rake height adjustment is available in a manual or electrohydraulic version. ISOBUS compatibility allows several functions to be assigned to the tractor controls to support operators through numerous automated processes:

  • Comfortable folding in and out from the tractor cab
  • Infinitely hydraulically adjustable swath width
  • Definition and storage of several parameters for different operating conditions (e.g. different rake heights). Overview of all works performed and customer data in combination with the hectare counter
  • Performance optimisation with steering systems
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Greater area output, as the full working width can be utilised
LINER swathers

LEDs – so you're never left in the dark.

Even when you need to work well into the night, you can still keep your eye on the job, with five optional LED work lights (one for each rotor and one for the swath). The special light provides maximum contrast, yet without dazzle, ensuring optimal illumination around the swather. The work lights are activated automatically along with the tractor lights when darkness falls.

Swath width adjustable according to the conditions.

The swath width can be adjusted to different forage crops and all popular pick-ups between 1.20 and 1.60 m. In the LINER 3600, this is done mechanically in a single step, and in the LINER 4000 comfortably via the terminal and hydraulic system.

No need to remove the tine bars with widths below 4 m.

As the transport chassis can be lowered hydraulically, the transport height without removing the tine bars is below 4 m in both models, even without removing the tine bars (with 22.5" tyres in the LINER 3600).