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CLAAS crop packaging materials

It's all about the cost per bale.

CLAAS net, twine and film are proven and cost-effective in the field. Make these products part of your operation. Whatever it takes.

CLAAS crop packaging materials

It's all about the cost per bale.

CLAAS net, twine and film are proven and cost-effective in the field. Make these products part of your operation. Whatever it takes.

CLAAS stretch film

"WRAPEX" is the CLAAS original wrap film for high-quality baled silage. This name reflects the meaning of the word "wrap", and also associates this quality product with our baler-wrapper combination, CLAAS UNIWRAP. CLAAS stretch films stand for first-rate quality – in the products themselves and also the advisory and technical support. A very extensive range of products are available: we are one of the few suppliers to offer a comprehensive range of stretch film solutions for both farmers and contractors. Everything you need for top-quality silage.

ORIGINAL CLAAS stretch film is manufactured to a high-end quality product from special manufacturing processes on Europe's most modern extruders.

  • High-quality raw materials for consistent quality
  • Excellent stretching properties and elasticity
  • Outstanding adhesive strength
  • High tear strength
  • Universal application
  • High UV stability
  • Unique layer sealing
  • All rolls in our stretch film range are provided with an identification number for tracking


CLAAS WRAPEX PRO is the product of innovative manufacturing technology. Effective CLAAS pre-stretch technology, a thermal in-line pre-stretch procedure, provides the advantageous texture compaction of the multi-layer blown film. The outstanding technical properties of the CLAAS WRAPEX PRO include high tear resistance, minimal air permeability, excellent layer sealing and extremely smooth placement on the bale with minimal edge overlap. The bales appear as if they were wrapped completely seamlessly.

  • Particularly reliable, airtight coverage of bales
  • Optimal adhesion provides a professional appearance
  • High tear strength in longitudinal and transverse directions
  • High puncture resistance
  • Reduced film costs


The ultimate all-rounder stretch film – proven baled silage performance, millions of times over.

  • For all bale types
  • Multi-layer blown film with optimal stretching and adhesive properties
  • Optimally suited to round and square bale wrappers
  • Improved efficiency through maximum pre-stretching of up to 82%
  • With water-repellent cardboard core for smooth operation in wrapper
  • High UV protection and weather-resistant
  • Optimal silage quality, thanks to low air permeability


The economical alternative, still with familiar CLAAS quality. Simple, robust, and suitable for all applications.

  • For all bale types
  • Multi-layered, co-extruded, blown quality film for optimal silage quality
  • Reliable application on all wrapper units
  • High tear and puncture resistance
  • Perfectly sealed layers of film, thanks to high adhesive strength
  • High productivity pre-stretchable by up to 70%
  • Weather-resistant synthetic core


The new generation of stretch film combines quality with cost and time savings as a five-layer copolymer film.

  • Cost savings with 10% greater length per roll (1,650 m)
  • More bales wrapped from a single roll (2–3 additional bales)
  • Reduced downtime, thanks to fewer roll changes
  • High productivity – pre-stretchable by up to 70%
  • No compromises – usable on all wrappers
  • Optimal layer sealing gives extremely smooth placement on bale