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CLAAS crop packaging materials

It's all about the cost per bale.

CLAAS net, twine and film are proven and cost-effective in the field. Make these products part of your operation. Whatever it takes.

CLAAS crop packaging materials

It's all about the cost per bale.

CLAAS net, twine and film are proven and cost-effective in the field. Make these products part of your operation. Whatever it takes.

CLAAS baling twine – for quality and cost-effectiveness.

With our two product families, CLAAS BALETEX and CLAAS QUADOTEX, we are able to offer you the right twine for every situation. All the products have the following key characteristics:

  • Unbeatable in terms of knot tightness to running length ratio
  • Optimum tying properties, thanks to rapid knot ejection
  • Low knot wear, thanks to smooth running in baler
  • High absorption capacity on impact
  • Effective UV protection
  • Consistent quality, thanks to proven mono strip production
  • Each reel is checked during the manufacturing process
  • All reels in our baling twine range are provided with an identification number for tracking


CLAAS BALETEX is a family of selected baling twines manufactured from pure polypropylene that fully meet today's baling requirements, under all conditions.

Suitable for use on the QUADRANT and MARKANT models and on machines of other manufacturers.


At last you can buy your baler twine by length and tear strength, rather than by weight. CLAAS BALETEX XL is a completely new twine whose 1,400 m genuine meterage per 10-kg reel makes it ideal for long working days. The new twine is a unique combination of the tear strength of the Type 130 baling twine with a drastically increased running length.

Used in conjunction with reels which fit every big baler, this combination provides 25% more twine per reel compared with the conventional size.

CLAAS BALETEX XL reduces the replacement frequency while offering increased tear strength, and so enhances baler performance significantly. The new twine design makes for a noticeably better, tighter knot.

The price per metre is clearly lower, thus cutting the cost per bale:

  • reduced cost per bale (low price per metre of twine)
  • full baler performance (high baling pressure can be used)
  • more bales from one reel (1,400 m genuine meterage per twine reel)
  • no compromise in terms of tear strength and knot tightness (240 kg at knot)
  • low-wear and smooth running through your machine (smoother twine)


CLAAS QUADOTEX twines have been developed in cooperation with the CLAAS Technical Development team to meet the requirements of big square balers. Just as the latest generation of balers demonstrate outstanding characteristics in terms of throughput and baling density, CLAAS QUADOTEX baling twines deliver formidable knot tightness and hold. The 11.5-kg reels mean that the twine range is suitable for long and productive working days. They can be used in the QUADRANT 3400, 3300 and 3200, and in all other manufacturers' big square balers.


QUADOTEX XL is a high-performance twine with an extremely long running length per reel and kilogram (120 m). It is ideal for straw and silage bales which have to be baled under higher pressure.